Wisdom For Life is a Christian ministry founded in 2008. We believe God shares His perfect and heavenly wisdom with us to overcome the world. God reveals much of Himself and His wisdom to us through His written Word. This is why bible distribution and bible literacy is the core of our mission.

Wisdom For Life has distributed hundreds of Bibles to all who are willing to receive. We hope one day those numbers will grow into the thousands and eventually the millions.

We always attempt to share the Gospel by sharing our hearts first. This is done through meeting the immediate needs of the community and having genuine fellowship with believers and non-believers. By sharing the same love that Jesus Christ has displayed to us all, we hope to win over lost souls for the glory of God's Kingdom.

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"One of the worst things in life is wasted potential. I have seen people with God given talent and ability waste it away by not living a life with purpose according to the will of our Heavenly Father. This is not Living at all. It is actually Dying. 

Everyone's life has a purpose and the only way to know that purpose is through appying God's heavenly wisdom in our lives and having a covenant relationship with our Creator, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." 

— Jason Brown